Intro + Pre Departure

Do it while you can. It’s a phrase I’ve heard a lot since I graduated two years ago.  It has been the response I invariably receive when I tell family, friends, or customers of my impending travel plans. 

It certainly has been a good couple of years since graduating from Tufts.  I’ve spent a winter in Steamboat Springs, a couple of summers on Cape Cod, and just about a year in Istanbul, Turkey.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a month in Lucca, Italy or two months volunteering in Armenia.

Now this, for me perhaps the most exciting trip of all. My around the world adventure will take me east from Boston stopping in such places as England, Italy, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, China, and some western parts of the USA. 

I’d be lying if there wasn’t a part of me anxious about friends who are buying apartments, finishing graduate school, or establishing themselves in careers.  But for now, and more importantly, for me–it is time to see the world. 

I’ll miss friends and family immensely (so please write!), especially on the holidays.  If you are interested, you can follow my travels on this blog or click here to receive emails whenever I update the site.   I’d love to hear from all of you.

11 Responses to “Intro + Pre Departure”

  1. Doga Oztuzun Says:

    Hey Edward,
    Thats so cool u have a big trip like this. Good lucks !

    If you come to Istanbul again we can meet 😉 and talk about ur trip : )

    Have great time ! And Thats nice to know what you do and where are you on your blog… That is great idea 😉

    See you ! Take care of urself

  2. Adam C Says:

    oh Ed, I’m so proud of you…does San Diego get around the world status?…let me know when you’re in London, seriously

  3. Pete the Trainer Says:

    Please send periodic updates. Wish I was there with you (at least in Italy!)

  4. Sue and Ann Says:

    Hi Ed,
    Checking out your blog!! Hope your travels are safe and fun. It was great to see you and “Court” before you left. Nice photos on the blog. Later – Sue and Ann

  5. Nicole Aiello Says:

    Aaaaaamazing. I am green with envy. Enjoy your time . . . you have made such a great decision in taking the time to do this. Keep me up to date!

  6. Auntie Annette Says:

    Hi Ed,

    I am thrilled that you are having yet another adventure! Now is the time. May you and Courtney take lots of photos and simply enjoy. I do love this website! Photos are great! Maybe you will have another profession!

    Also, while in Italy, please give my love to family members and please give them a big hug. I hope that one of these days, Uncle Bud and I can return for a good visit. I just love all the cousins! Who knows? Maybe they can come here for a visit too.

  7. Tyke Says:

    Bon voyage! Gute Reise! Buon Viaggio!
    Check out the ski slope in the mall for me in Dubai. Don’t eat too many Eskimo pies and have a blast!!! Love, your travel deprived cousin Tyke

  8. Colleen Says:

    Hey Ed!!

    I didn’t know the exact date you were heading out!!! Im sorry I didnt get to say good-bye but was sooo happy to see you at the party!!! I am so jealous you are doing all this traveling…. and can’t wait until you get back… For now, I will read your blogs and take long walks with your mom/dad and lucky!!! hahaha! Be safe, have fun, and enjoy it while you can! We’ll all be here waiting, and excited for when you get back!

  9. Rina Says:

    Hi Ed;

    Sounds like you and Courtney are having a blast! You said you posted pics to your Flikr account – could you add a link to that onto your blog so I can see. I don’t think I can wait till next year to see all your pics.

    Keep us updated – i’ll be reading!

    PS – stay safe and keep Courtney safe – I worry 🙂

  10. Melissa Venuti Says:

    I hear you’re a world traveler now? Good for you Eddy Boy. There’s not one of us that wouldn’t love to trade places with you! I love the pictures! I should’ve known you would make a good photographer after you brought me and Lucky to Plymouth for a photo shoot – haha, good times. I wish you and Courtney the best of luck. Be safe and enjoy the time of your life : )

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    […] seven years ago, you spent five months traveling to 10 countries around the world. What was that experience like pre-Airbnb, and how might you go about it differently […]

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