Check out the map!

10 countries in all, 11 if you count the US
The Map

6 Responses to “Check out the map!”

  1. Edward T. Walsh Says:

    Hi Ed…Your mom gave me a headsup about your plans to continue your desire to see another slice of mother-earth…I’m both impressed and excited for you.
    It’s a journey that can bring you a depth of understanding of rhe many ways that people who are so different yet so very much the same.Have a wonderful
    journey…God Bless You…

  2. giovanni Says:

    this is my mobile number +39 3395350125, if something happens…
    if you have one, please leave me your number…

    at what time do you have to depart from boston???



  3. Doga Oztuzun Says:

    Hey !

    Im watching you Edward 😉

  4. Schway- Justin Kelley Says:

    My brother from another mother,

    I plan on seeing you soon Edward… in Nepal now and will be in retreat for a month. Out December 8 or 15, so let me know where you are. Christmas would be nice… maybe in thailand/india/wherever.

    The time is now.. the office can wait… hopefully forever… I would trade stocks and bonds for the Ganges River and the Himalayas anytime.

    Om Mani Pamde Hum,

    JK- Schway

  5. Judith Ando Says:

    Hi Edward and Courtney…thank you for letting me travel with you…AWESOME!!! I hope you are feeling ok now, Edward and I just want to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS wherever you are on those days…I will miss seeing you this year…Tom, Dana, boys and I are going north for Christmas for 10 days…hope we have snow…Love you and continue to live your dreams yow two…Love, Aunt Judy

  6. Will Says:

    Hi Edward and Courtney,

    You dont know me at all, I just happened to stumble on your blog a few days ago, and I have been reading as much as I can. I am planning a round the world trip myself, and I have been inspired even more by your blogs! Thanks so much!


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