Football and Food

Depressing as it is to hear the Patriots lost consecutive games for the first time in four years, I’m happy to report a 3-1 victory for Fiorentina (Florence) in that other sport they call football. Saturday night, Gaia and Nicola (my cousins here in Lucca) took us to a Seria A football match in Florence. They are season ticket holders and our seats were great, the equivalent of being on the 50 yard line.

I’m always amazed at the endurance of soccer fans–for 90 minutes, the entire stadium was singing, swearing, and gesticulating in the hopes of ensuring a Fiorentina victory. At one point, a player from the opposing team accused of falling down unnecessarily received a chorus of “devi morire!, devi morire!, devi morire!.” Translated literally, “you should die!” I guess you could say the Italians are passionate about their football.

As most know, the Italians are also passionate about their food. We’ve spent the past week eating too much, but when the food is this good it is hard to resist. In Lucca, my cousins showed us some of their favorite restaurants which put an emphasis on the slow food movement. After the game in Florence, we had a memorable night at La Giostra, a restaurant owned and operated by a prince of some sort. It was here I had far too much, eating what I would guess was more than a pound of steak in addition to my first course of pappardalle with wild boar. Perhaps the best restaurant we visitied was the home of my former host mom in Florence. There we had a feast of gnocchi with fresh tomato sauce, pumpkin soup, beef carpaccio with parmesan and arugula, roasted pheasant, a chocolate ricotta cake and finally, probably the best tiramisu I’ve ever had.

I hope no one is reading this during lunch! If you’d like some more stories from our travels (and to read a little more about Lucca), check out my girlfriend’s blog at

8 Responses to “Football and Food”

  1. Joan and Ed Says:

    oops… Ed, you gave Courtney’s blog address incorrectly – not – ….. can you fix it?

    It was so great to go to your blog and see new information written. Lucca sounds sooooooo marvelous – and I know Gram Ando must have been smiling down to see her youngest grandson having fun with his Italian relatives. Stay happy, stay safe and enjoy! Love to Courtney too.

    Dad and Mom

  2. Joan and Ed Says:

    Hi again,

    Dad wants you to know that “real football” (lol) is being played this weekend….. Ohio State/Michigan; Harvard/Yale; USC/Cal. You know where he will be…. he says, the only thing that would make watching the games better, would be if you were here to share it with him.

    We miss you…. As long as you keep the blogs coming though we feel less far away from you.

    Love you.

    Dad and Mom

  3. Katie Says:

    Ohhh La Giostra – i loved that place! I’m glad you are envoking some of my good ol Firenze memories! I’m so jealous!


  4. Tyke Says:

    Glad to hear you are upholding your Casabian heritage by overeating your way through everywhere you can. Little worried about your going on law school field trips…are you trying to tell us something? We will miss you on turkey day but rest assured we are linning up ringers to eat what would have been your portion of pilaf and pie. Keep up the eating and the fun! Love, Tyke

  5. David Frew Says:


    Sounds like you are again having an unbelievable time. i wish i could be there gesticulating with you.

    Be well and give JK a hug for me when you see him.


  6. Rosalie Says:

    Hi Ed,
    Youre Mum and I are cousins and we were exchanging e-mails this holiday and she sent me your site! What an amazing journey you’re on. I love the blogs.
    You probably don’t remember me, as I’ve been living in the Shetland Islands of Scotland for almost 40 years. I’m back in salem, MA as my Dad, Tom is now 93 and I’m lucky enough to be able to work from here and keep an eye on him. My Mum, Nancy Oliva, passed away 4 years ago so I’ve been based here since.
    However, we still have our home in Shetland and at some point will return. While looking at your website, I see you’ve been in India and was there during Thanksgiving. Small world. Chris (my husband) and I have a house in Goa, India. In a small village called Siolim and we were there at Thanksgiving too! Consider you have an open invitation to visit and stay anytime. Our long term plan is to be in Scotland in the summer and then decamp to Goa during the long cold Shetland winters.
    Anyway, I’ll continue to follow your travels. Love it!
    Rosalie (Young)

  7. Karen Gill Says:

    Hi Ed, This is Brendan & Keith’s mom. I saw your dad at the Post Office today and he said you were in Vietnam and going to China. When I asked him why, he responded you were travelling. I said “hey, good for him, he should do it while he can” then he told me that was the name of your website!! How exciting. I noticed you were in Italy. I was there almost 2 years ago and we plan to go back this July for a wedding in Caserta, Naples. How well I remember all the great food. When you go to someone’s home in Italy, they just want to feed you…constantly. (To say you’re too full is almost an insult!) I realized very quickly that we eat much too fast here, but most important…. food means “love” in Italy. On another note, Brendan and Keith are proctors at B.R. and hoping for teaching positions. They have some funny stories. Enjoy your adventure! Karen Gill

  8. Only For Kids Says:

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