All Hail the King

We’re in Bangkok now, and today marks the 79th birthday of the king of Thailand’s ascension to the throne. King Bhumibol Adulyadejis is a big deal.  He is the longest serving head of a state in the world and something of a renaissance man.  Even better, he was born in Boston at Mount Auburn Hospital (Luke, you got a chance bud).  On every street in Bangkok, you can feel the excitement and everyone is wearing yellow in his honor. Actually, Thais have been wearing yellow the whole year in anticipation of the event. Thais love their king.

Courtney and I have grown to love him too. Yesterday we went in search of Dusit park which Lonely Planet had described as a nice, leafy place to relax and enjoy a nice day. We arrived to hundreds of buses and thousands of people in yellow shirts. I definitely didn’t get the memo (on the shirt) and was subject to more than a few stares with my bright blue polo shirt. Fortunately, a lovely Thai girl who spoke good English spotted us and told us what was happening. The king was speaking later in the day prior to this event, the government throws something of a party, with dozens of food stalls and other events. She welcome us to join in the party and we sampled many different Thai dishes.

I like the king, and I love Thailand so far. We head south tonight for some relaxing on the beach and perhaps a chance to learn to kitesurf of scuba dive.

6 Responses to “All Hail the King”

  1. Joan/Mom Says:

    Hi Ed,

    Dad and I just read your blog…..Dad is going to wear yellow today in deference to your travels. Hail King Luke! Tell the king, Luke is in waiting! Shall we wear yellow when in Luke’s presence from now on?! Enjoy your travels south.

    Love Dad and Mom

  2. Tyke Says:

    Hey Ed,
    Glad you did not start an international incident with your fashion faux pas. Be well & keep having fun!
    Tyke and the rest of the Patriquin Crew

  3. Mike Leist Says:

    Sounds like you are having a blast. Hurry home so we can have another coming home and then going away party for you. I hope you tossed the “Hindu Shuffle” around while preforming some street magic. Take care

  4. Auntie Annette Says:

    Hi Ed,

    Enjoy reading all that you and Courtney are writing. You are both so informative! I feel as though I am sharing this journey with you.

    I just looked over your beautiful photos. You have a wonderful eye! Who knows???????

    Talk to you later.

    Love you.

  5. Tara Oliveira Says:

    Hey Ed…. just catching up on your blog. It sounds like you are having an amazing time… I am SO jealous! Get home safely… see you soon!

  6. Col Says:

    Hey Ed.. sounds like you are having a blast, i love the picture of you with the belly dancer, i keep up on all your posts (too bad venuti doesn’t know how to use it and go look herself) she thinks you send them to her personally everytime, since you did the first time!! hahahaha! that was what was with her myspace comment!! Merry Christmas, and I miss ya tons! Havent ran into Joanie or Big Ed in awhile, but will let you know when i do! Miss you, be safe, and experience everything you can! you’re missing nothing here! xoxoxoxox

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