a Jumbo on a Jumbo

So I’ve finally ridden atop an elephant. It was one of the more fun experiences I’ve had here in Laos, especially knowing that the elephants are well taken care of. Tiger Trails is an ecotourism travel agency and owns the elephants and uses them solely for tourism purposes (as opposed to other companies which rent them out for logging). The company usually buys older elephants or those that have some sort of handicap and trains them for tourism. The elephants seem quite happy and to enjoy people. Think of it as a cushy retirement gig.

Laos’ nickname is the land of a million elephants, but unfortunately there are less than 35,000 Asian elephants left in Asia. Loss of natural habitats, poaching, and the difficulty of breeding elephants is contributing what most likely will be an extinction of the species by 2050. There are some efforts being made in Thailand http://www.elephantnaturepark.org/aboutus.htm and Tiger Trails is certainly a step in the right direction. It would be sad to see such beautiful animals gone forever.

On to some more fun and interesting facts about elephants:

*they eat about 10% of their body weight per day about 250-400 pounds of food per day
*they live to about 60 in the wild or 80 in captivity
*they can use sound waves to communicate up to 10 miles away

Go Jumbos and a Happy New Year to all!

6 Responses to “a Jumbo on a Jumbo”

  1. Ed Says:

    Happy New Year to you too! Love it when you post new info. Thanks for your email. Be sure to check my comment under your Jumbo picture site. You and Courtney look great and the elephant is cute too!

    Love you.

  2. woody Says:

    happy new year casaboomboom. Pats get to take on the jets in the playoffs this week. wesleyan vs wesleyan in the coaching matchup. how many tufts grads are nfl head coaches?

  3. Tyke Says:

    Hey Ed,
    Looking good on that elephant! Went old/restored area in Dubai you told me about and you’re right it was the best. Keep having fun!! XXXOOOTyke

  4. Joanne Says:

    Hi Ed and Courtney,

    GREAT shot on the elephant! Did he/she drink from the river? Both of you look really happy, and that, in turn, makes me happy as well. What’s next? Have you seen any tigers? About 10″ fresh powder in the Boat! We’ll take a run for you.


    Love you and miss you,

  5. Christina Says:

    You look like kid at Disneyland on top of the elephant. How cute.

  6. Lou Says:

    Wow love the Jumbo comment. You jumbos think your so tuft.

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