Angkor Wat: A “new” seventh wonder of the world?

Angkor Wat, originally uploaded by edward_casabian.

I think so…

check out and vote. The ballots close on 7/7/07 and considering that Angkor isn’t in the best of shape, it could probably use the funding that may come with the new status….

In addition to checking out all the temples here in Siem Reap, we celebrated the New Year (a full 12 hours earlier than all you east coasters). Although the Cambodians celebrate their New Year in April, there were more than enough travellers to make it a fun filled evening. Beer cost a mere $1 and we even had some champagne!

2 Responses to “Angkor Wat: A “new” seventh wonder of the world?”

  1. adam Says:

    Hey Ed did you print any coupons online for your trip?…Scooter and I were just reminiscing about how you used to do that at the Charlie Horse, fun times

  2. adam Says:

    Ed, I heard you jumped in the river in Cambodia…dirty

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