The Cambodian wiffle

I’m generally a big fan of haircuts in foreign countries.  Though it requires a certain leap of faith, I’ve been happy with the results.  In Armenia, my barber cut the hair of the national soccer team and spent well over an hour ensuring that each of my hairs was the correct length.  In Turkey, $5 got you a shave, haircut, and bizarre lighter-to-the ear technique.

Given my past experiences with the international barbers and considering I hadn’t had a haircut since October, I decided to give Cambodia a go.  At 2500 riel, or 70 cents, the price was certainly right.  I caught a few stares as I walked in as most “barang” (foreigners) go to the more expensive salons from what I gather.  I would soon find out why.

After a brief exchange, I communicated I wanted a shave and a haircut.  The shave came first and I soon realized I was in trouble.  Soap had replaced shaving cream and the new blade felt like a month old Bic.  Still, after some pain and watering eyes I did have a clean shave.  I was hoping for the best for my haircut when the barber began nonchalantly lopping large clumps of hair off my head.  The point of no return was passed and I soon realized my fate:  the dreaded Cambodian wiffle.

Pictures may or may not be forthcoming, but I’ll just say my very own parents had a good laugh at my expense when we last spoke via videophone.  Courtney says I look like 007, but I think she is just being nice.  I feel more like I’m six and wearing “jams” shorts than an international spy.

5 Responses to “The Cambodian wiffle”

  1. Mom Says:

    Hey Ed,

    Wished I had read your most recent blog before we chatted on Skype this morning…. it had me laughing hysterically. You are a good sport and I do think you should be brave and post a picture of your $.70 haircut and shave before it gets too long.

    Love you and miss you.


  2. Lou Says:

    Did you have a coupon for that haircut?

  3. Tyke Says:

    Hey Ed,
    Post a photo of your new look and I’ll buy you a box of genuine Nicaraguan Eskimo Ice Cream Bars when you get back stateside. XO Tyke

  4. woody Says:

    eddie… i’m in full depression after the Pats loss. thinking of your haircut cheered me up though. u think you got it bad with a whiffle? i found some gray hairs the other day. 26 and its already starting. remember what we always used to say though? “we gotta find women before we get old and look like our fathers” at least we got that part taken care of… now we just have to try and avoid the inevitable now.

  5. David Frew Says:

    you’re like an Armenian Tom Mulcahy…. I can see it now

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