A Turkish Cooking Lesson

Courtney and I love Turkish food. It would be hard not to after spending 9 months in the country and sampling everything possible. Perhaps my favorite contribution to Turkish cuisine is the “doner kebab,” usually lamb, but sometimes beef or chicken cooked on a vertical rotating spit. The meat is used in a variety of dishes, but it is always good. While in Turkey, I often wondered about the process of preparing and cooking the meat. I wanted to bring doner to the States! (crossman are you still in?)

So why am I talking about Turkish food in the seaside resort of Nha Trang in Vietnam? Interestingly enough (oddly?), a Turk has found his way to this beachy locale. Murat, a self described “madman” (his response to why he lived in Vietnam), proudly boasts of having the only Turkish restaurant in Vietnam. His food was excellent, and Courtney and I were happy to have a break from Pho Bo, the national dish that is a rice noodle soup. Even more bizarre than finding the Turkish restaurant was that our attempts at speaking Turkish did not strike Murat as the least bit unusual.  We had a couple of meals with our new Turkish friend, and I told him I wanted to know how to make doner. “10:30 AM tomorrow,” he said. With that I had a date to learn one of the most essential items of Turkish cuisine. It’s more detailed than I thought, but perhaps some of you will get to try some day.

Now I just need to find a way to import a machine from Istanbul.

5 Responses to “A Turkish Cooking Lesson”

  1. colleen Says:

    hey Sidika boyfriend lives in vietnam. Didnt know if u knew that.

  2. Mom and Dad Says:


    It seems your mind always returns to cooking and food. Not a bad thing! Anyway, we enjoy each and every one of your blogs. Keep them coming.

    Love you.

    Mom and Dad

  3. adam Says:

    Donerrrrrrrrr! so I was driving around SD the other night looking for something to eat…I would have killed 7 people for a doner kebab, we must get on that…

  4. woody Says:

    eddie… i thought we talked about this. I want in on the DonerUSA chain as well.

  5. Fisun Says:

    Hi Ed,

    I’m Fisun from İstanbul. (Your ex-student)
    I loved your business idea. (Doner Chain) 🙂 Sounds like great way to save money.By the way doner should be with ayran then kunefe.
    What an amazing your adventure. Courtney and you are really lucky.
    Say hello to Courtney.
    I hope to see you again

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