The UN via Hospitality Club

25 hours is a long time to be on a train, but that is what is required to go from Shanghai to Shenzhen. With my Chinese visa expiring, I didn’t have the opportunity to break up the trip. Shendzhen is on the border of Hong Kong. From there, it was a short walk through immigration and a 20 minute train ride to the Chinese University in Hong Kong where I would be staying with some Hospitality Club members.

I did a bit of wondering, but ultimately met Bonnie, a Hong Kong native who is a student here. She was accompanied by her friends Henrik (a Swede) and Rachel (another HK native). Henrik and Rachel were cooking a dinner of pizza and Swedish apple pie. Sid, a professor from India who also lives at the apartment returned home and whipped up a curry dish. We all sat down to one of the nicest meals I’ve had in months.

A bit later, David (from Switzerland), another guest from Hospitality Club returned from Macau with some Portuguese wine. Macau was a former Portuguese colony located about an hour’s ferry ride from Hong Kong. We shared in some wine before finishing off the evening with a variety of Indian digestive candies.

Before bed, we all exchanged passports (a hospitality club safety measure). Everyone spoke impeccable English, and I find it wonderful that a group of six strangers can get together and enjoy themselves so easily. It was exactly what I needed after an entire day on a train.


2 Responses to “The UN via Hospitality Club”

  1. Stevie Frazier Says:

    Dude! I have really enjoyed keeping up with your travels. I saw you on TV the other night on the travel channel. There was a program about the best places to pig out in the US. You were with some buddies at a diner in Boston close to Tufts. One of the guys was going for the giant hamburger eating contest. When I saw that it was close to Tufts I was thinking Ed might know this place. Then I saw you for a brief momento on camera smiling with a camera in your hand. Pretty cool!
    Anyway I am sure you are anxious to get back home, and be sure to come and visit Jenny and I. Be safe on your travels!


  2. Auntie Annette Says:

    Hi Ed,

    Well, it is looking like your days of travel — for now anyway — are nearing completion. What a journey!!!

    We had a great visit with your Mom, Mary, Caroline and Luke. It was such a pleasure until Uncle Bud and I managed to get Montezuma’s Revenge without going to Montezuma!!! Oh well, we are much better now.

    Looking forward to seeing you on the Cape be it Spring or Summer.

    Love you.

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