I’ve received more than a few emails from people who are planning or would like to plan a similar trip. I thought it might be helpful to show my expenses for 5 months on the road, including air travel. If you have the desire to travel, it is easier (financially, at least) than you think.


  • Boston-London $288
  • London-Milan $133
  • Rome-Istanbul $100
  • Istanbul-Dubai $275
  • Dubai-Delhi $230
  • Delhi-Bangkok $223
  • Hong Kong-Honolulu $600
  • Honolulu-San Francisco $192
  • San Francisco-San Diego $64
  • San Diego-Boston $145

That’s a total of about $2250 for getting around the world. Almost all flights were purchased through kayak.com

Country Expenses (excluding cost of flights above but including train and bus travel, domestic air tickets, visas, food, entertainment, etc):

*denotes free accommodation through friends or hospitalityclub

  • London-5 days* $40/day
  • Italy-7 days* $43/day
  • Turkey-3 days* $30/day
  • Dubai-3 days* $41/day
  • India-10 days $19/day
  • Thailand-17 days $30/day
  • Laos-12 days $25/day includes $175 flight from Luang Prabang to Siem Reap
  • Cambodia-16 days $30/day
  • Vietnam-21 days $22/day
  • China-30 days $20/day includes two domestic flights
  • Hong Kong and Macau-8 days* $25/day
  • Hawaii-7 days* $20/day
  • San Francisco-6 days* $25/day
  • San Diego-7 days* $20/day

I’m sure my records are incomplete so let’s call the total country expense somewhere between $4000-$5500. Add in the cost of flights and you are looking at no more than $8000 (and more likely in the $6-7K range) for just over 5 months of travel.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at edward.casabian@gmail.com


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