RTW (Round the World) Packing List

Sierra Trading Post: save 35-70% on casual apparel, dress clothing, travel gear, outdoor clothing, footwear, home furnishings, and outdoor gear!

Note: I’ve provided some links to Amazon.com for some of the gear, but be sure to check Sierra Trading post first. Stuff is often more than 50% off on the site. This is also a work in progress so I’m sure I’ve left some things off the list. Post a comment or email me if you have any questions.


Eagle Creek Backpack
Eagle Creek Cube Pack-it Organizers (set of 3)
Shower bag that folds and hangs


Canon Rebel XTi 10.1 MP Camera I deliberated between this and the Nikon D80 but am very happy with this camera
Apple 80 GB IPOD for music and downloading photos
Ipod camera connector You’ll need this to get photos from the camera to the Ipod

2 pairs Ex-Officio boxers–quick drying and comfortable
2 pairs of regular boxer shorts–thinner is better
3 pairs Smartwool socks–quick dry
2 pairs athletic socks
1 Ex Officio Shirt–expensive but worth it
2 thin polo shirts
Nylon pants that can break away and be shorts
Flip flops for the shower
Warm socks that can be used as slippers
Cheap leather shoes (I left these behind after Italy)
Hiking shoes (not boots, just shoes unless you are doing some serious treks)
Running shoes

Health Products

Hair Gel
Shaving Cream
Razor and Blades
Toothpaste and Tooth brush
Nail Clipper
Airborne for plane rides
Soap (of course you can pick this up along the way)
Quick Dry Towel (a MUST, and be sure to get the largest size)
Contacts and Solution


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